European branch

Global OrthoBiologic-Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria is the European headquarters for the distribution and the Global Awareness of the portfolio of our products.

Chosen for the corporate advantage of 10% corporate tax and the gateway between East and West, Global OrthoBiologic-Europe has a 24/7 call center that is used for the Global Awareness Campaign. Starting with one person 24 months ago dedicated to the successful distribution of the Biologic Therapies product, Global OrthoBiologic has grown to more than 25 employees, has 24 countries under agreement and by year end 2016 will have 52 countries ready for distribution.

While we fully expect our distributor to do everything necessary to develop his contacts of surgeons and hospitals, the question becomes, what about the other hospitals and surgeons with whom he does not currently have a relationship? Global OrthoBiologic is committed to help build our distributors’ business relationships and to grow as fast as we are seeing the stem cell industry explode. Our job is to contact every doctor, hospital, clinic, and research facility in every country in which we are distributing. If there is a doctor using stem cell therapy, we want him using our products.

Now, if we are willing to do what no other company is willing to do to help our distributors ensure success, will the distributors reciprocate?  As we chose an exclusive distributor in each country we also understand that successful medical distribution companies offer many products and are limited to how much time each product receives. Because of the uniqueness of our medical device it will require our distributors to become more knowledgeable of our products than the surgeons. It will take time for our distributors to master all the benefits of the Bio-Mac and to be able to convince the hospitals, surgeons and surgery centers to use only the best product in the world for aspirating bone marrow.

The question again is, if Global OrthoBiologic is willing to do whatever it takes to help our distributors be successful and to expand their business outside the network they currently service, will they reciprocate and fully support the Bio-Mac? We believe the answer is YES!

MENA Branch

Global OrthoBiologic GCC offices are located in Dubai and are the world HQ and the distribution hub for MENA, Asia and Australia. Dubai has shown that if you want to do something you do it right and do it big. Dubai chose to be a leader in tourism and now it is the most glamorous city in the world. Many cities offer 5 star hotels but only Dubai offers unparalleled 5 star service.

Dubai realized the need for a destination between Asia and Europe and offers Emirates Airlines, the best airline in the world and soon to have the largest airport globally. Today nearly every major city has direct flights to and from Dubai.

Dubai wanted to be a leader in banking and finance and anyone today would be challenged to say anything but exceptional when you mention Dubai and finance in the same sentence.

Now it is the health care sector that Dubai plans to dominate. In January Dubai hosted Arab Health, the largest healthcare conference in the world with whole day lectures concerning Regenerative Medicine. Global OrthoBiologic’ mission is to be in the right place at the right time and grow with Dubai as they become the number one choice for stem cell procedures in the world and also to be the number one distributor of regenerative medical products not only through the GCC but globally. Just as we now see so many professional athletes travel to Germany for existing regenerative medical procedures soon it will be destination Dubai for the most advanced stem cell procedures.