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Global Orthobiologic Inc.

Global Orthobiologic Inc.

Founded in Florida, USA in 2013, Global OrthoBiologic, Inc. (GOB) is a privately held groundbreaking medical technologies company specializing in therapies that significantly enhance the body’s natural healing ability – the concept known as Regenerative Medicine.

[m_about_box cut_corner_2=”left-bottom” image1=”9321″ image2=”9323″ title1=”We Are” title2=”Reliable business partner”]Our company provides business development for medical device companies with an emphasis on Regenerative Medicine technologies and works extensively with clinics, hospitals and medical facilities that are engaged in Regenerative Therapy.[/m_about_box]
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[m_info_box type=”2″ title=”We Have Comprehensive network of experts” link=”url:%2F|||”]Our company has built a comprehensive network of experts in Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. The company partners with recognized medical facilities worldwide for evidence-based clinical medicine and hosts lectures on the latest therapies of cutting-edge medical technologies.[/m_info_box]


[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-pencil” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”0.3″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”International Education & Training Societies”]Bringing an education and training experience to doctors, all over the world, that allows them to incorporate innovative procedures, techniques, products and technologies into their everyday practice, be recognized as leaders in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine and surgery, and increase their practice and revenue using their existing customer/patient base.[/m_feature_info]
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-shield” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”0.6″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”Marketing”]Telemarketing to develop lists of potential doctor customers, word of mouth marketing from current and future patients, cross platform marketing through teaching doctors, plus efforts conducted at a local level by our country distributors.[/m_feature_info]
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-support” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”0.9″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”Customer Services”]Product quality and efficacy in real-life situations, deliver products on time, control costs and manage budgets.[/m_feature_info]
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-screen-desktop” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”1.2″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”Strategy”]To become the recognized leader in regenerative medicine based on a cross platform approach of selling existing technologies, becoming a recognized leader in the teaching of medicine, developing new technologies, all while developing an ever increasing database of doctors to whom to sell products.[/m_feature_info]
[m_works][m_work title_tab=”Regenerative Medicine ” title1=”Regenerative Medicine” title2=”Focus” link=”/news/regenerative-medicine/” image=”10723,10720,10721,10722″]Regenerative Medicine is one of the new evolving fields of research and technology in the market. It can be described as encouraging the use of the body’s own cells to heal, or by treating a patient with GMP laboratory grown cells and tissues. GOB provides business development for medical device companies with an emphasis on Regenerative Medicine technologies and works extensively with distributors, clinics, hospitals and medical facilities that are engaged in Regenerative Therapy. [/m_work][m_work title_tab=”Education & Training” title1=”Education” title2=”Training” link=”/” image=”10725,10726,10727″]GOB subsidiary Global MED Academy partners with independent scientific organization for Medical Training dedicated to improving the medical soft skills and wellbeing of patients using latest technologies and regenerative medicine . [/m_work][m_work title_tab=”Medical Tourism” title1=”Medical” title2=”Tourism” link=”/” image=”10730,10728,10729″]Medical Tourism can be defined as the process of travelling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. Patients are travelling because of the high quality of healthcare[/m_work][/m_works]


[m_team type=”2″][m_team_member sk1=”10″ sk2=”10″ sk3=”10″ name=”Randy Beimel” position=”Founder and CEO” image=”11008″ skill1=”Organization” skill2=”Leadership” skill3=”Creativity”]Mr. Beimel received a BS in Finance from St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. His first job out of college was as a registered stockbroker from 1987-1998. He later changed fields and became a financial consultant from 1998-2002 as the president & CEO of Mission Bay Consulting. In 2007, Mr. Beimel started the Balkan Group and worked in international business development on behalf of a number of other firms. Around 2011-2012, Mr. Beimel was first introduced to several different kinds of innovative regenerative and stem cell therapies and became so impressed that he wanted to become a part of it; he founded Global OrthoBiologic Inc. in 2013 in order to help market and distribute these products and therapies around the world.[/m_team_member][m_team_member sk1=”10″ sk2=”10″ sk3=”10″ image=”10735″ name=”Mihail Blagoev ” position=”Vice President of Business Development” skill1=”Diplomacy” skill2=”Dedication” skill3=”Advising”]Mr. Blagoev was born in Vidin, Bulgaria on January 24 th , 1986. Raised in a business environment, Mr. Blagoev began helping in the family business of Oil and Petroleum trading, Duty Free Trading, Agriculture and Construction trading from an early age until 2009, when he was 23 years old. In 2009, he graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Finance at the Forest University of Bulgaria. From 2009 to 2013, Mr. Blagoev worked in marketing for an American medical device company, starting to make sales outside of the United States. This first exposure to the medical field has fueled Mr. Blagoev’s desire in medical device marketing and distribution. In 2013, Mr. Blagoev joined Global OrthoBiologic Inc. as Vice President of International Business Development, Partner at Imani Holistic Medical Center. Also from April 2018 Board member at Touch Happiness Foundation.[/m_team_member][m_team_member sk1=”10″ sk2=”10″ sk3=”10″ image=”10734″ name=”Dr. Dzihan Abazovic ” position=”Regenerative Medicine Expert Renova Clinic” skill1=”Regenerative Medicine” skill2=”Cutting Edge” skill3=”Ethics”]Born in Montenegro, Dr. Abazovic is an emergency medical specialist and a PRP and stem cell therapy clinician. He studied medicine at the University of Belgrade Medical School. He completed his residency at the Emergency Medicine Centre in Belgrade and at the Clinical Center of Serbia of the University of Belgrade. He has a license to practice General Medicine, as well as Emergency Medicine and Traumatology. In 2008, he was awarded a fellowship to train in Clinical genetics and Intercellular Signaling at the Hospital das Clinicas (HCUFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil under Prof. Dr. Rui Fernando Pilotto. In 2009, he was awarded a fellowship in the Department of Extra Corporeal Blood Management at Catharina Hospital of Eindhoven in The Netherlands under Peter AM Everts PhD. Dr. Abazovic was the author or coauthor of 4 papers, presented at international scientific meetings, and over 35 papers, presented at domestic meetings. During residency, Dr. Abazovic started to train in regenerative medicine and blood management. In different hospitals, both government and private, as a consultant, he performed more than 4000 procedures, mainly those of using PRP, PRP gel and stem cells in orthopedics, wound care, esthetics and open heart surgery.[/m_team_member][/m_team]
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