Global OrthoBiologic, Inc. (GOB) has reached an Agreement for a manufacturing partnership with Quality Precision Technologies of Edinburg, Scotland for innovative medical devices to be manufactured and sold in Europe. GOB has business relationships globally and is always seeking new technologies from around the world to continue build the strongest, must complete line of Regenerative Medical Products


JCM CONSULTING is a new, flexible, no-nonsense capital investment company that brings together ideas and capital and creates success stories.

We minimize bureaucracy and aim to take business and consulting to a close in record time. This is possible because of our comprehensive personal network of contacts all over the world.

Imani Holistic Medical Centre

Imani Holistic Medical Centre represents the belief in improving your quality of life. Preventative and regenerative medicine are in the core of our practice. The holistic treatments nurture your body and mind to enhance health, beauty and vitality.

Our main priority is to present an exclusive healthcare centre in Bulgaria that provides the opportunity to get in touch with the professional doctors and surgeons, worldly known with their strict medical examination. Each and every doctor has proven his/hers capabilities, after graduating at leading institutes and universities around the world. Moreover they are valuable members of different associations connected to their specific fields. They have been following their private practice at clinics and hospitals, mainly in Dubai, Greece, Serbia and other parts of Europe.

ISTO Biologic

Isto is focused on using cutting-edge science to develop novel orthobiologic products that are safe, efficacious, and cost-effective. Our groundbreaking biologics portfolio has already improved the quality of life for countless patients. Each day brings new discoveries and innovations that will help doctors restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve the quality of life for their patients.

Medical Biobank Swiss Institute (MBSI)

The major goal of MBSI services and research is to help patients who are receiving bone marrow transplants or cord blood transplants where stem cells are frequently limited and insufficient for treatment to be successful. Another goal is drug development, using the cells themselves as drugs, which would not be rejected by the patient’s immune system. Another important goal would be the use of human cells to test drug toxicity.