Influx® Trabecular Bone Graft


Influx is a natural bone graft material that provides osteoinductivity and promotes cell ingrowth.

The Unmet Need

Every year, approximately 1.5 million musculoskeletal procedures involve bone grafting1. Harvesting autografts from a patient’s own body requires multiple operations and is accompanied with the risk of donor-site complications and lasting discomfort. Moreover, such procedures may produce an insufficient quantity of bone graft. Pre-configured allografts from outside the body avoid donor-site morbidity and are ready to use, but they often slow bone formation because they are only weakly osteoinductive2, meaning they do not do a good job of encouraging immature cells to develop into bone.

Isto’s Solution

Influx, a family of premium bone grafts, is composed entirely of demineralized human trabecular bone. Influx provides a natural complement of growth factors for osteoinductivity, and its interconnected pore structure is ideal for cellular ingrowth and bone formation. Every lot of Influx is tested in vivo, after sterilization, to ensure the presence of bone morphogenetic proteins and growth factors critical to new endochondral bone growth.

Influx provides a flexible, natural scaffold with handling characteristics ideal for a variety of spinal and orthopedic surgeries. These include spinal fusions and procedures that address deformity, fractures, and sports injuries. Influx can also be used in conjunction with anterior spinal devices. Influx is radiolucent, making it possible to monitor the growth of new bone.

Influx compresses to conform and anchor itself to voids, and absorbs up to 60% of its volume in liquid. Influx is available in sterile strips, blocks, and grain configurations, providing flexibility for a variety of applications.

An Influx of New Bone

Histological assessment of osteoinduction in athymic rat muscle pouch on Day 28 after Influx implantation showing four critical elements of endochondral bone growth: chondrogenesis, osteogenesis, development of marrow elements, and neovascularization.

Flex Your Options


A Host of Advantages

  • The 100% trabecular structure provides a scaffold for cellular ingrowth.
  • In vivotesting verifies the osteoinductive potential of every lot, post-sterilization.
  • Three configurations meet a variety of surgical needs.
  • Device-level sterility assurance (SAL 0f 10–6)