Magellan® Autologous Platelet Separator


Magellan is a fully-automated concentration system optimized to provide high concentrations of platelets and cells for orthopedic applications.

The Unmet Need

Autologous therapy holds tremendous potential for bone and tissue regeneration, but has been difficult to harness reliably for clinical applications – progenitor cells, platelets and other regenerative factors are found in blood and bone marrow, but only in low concentrations.

Isto’s Solution

Magellan enables clinicians to harness the power of autologous therapy by providing high concentrations of patient-derived platelets and cells from bone marrow and/or whole blood.

Using a fully-automated, closed system with optical sensors, the Magellan separates and removes platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells to deliver a consistent and reproducible output at the point of care.

Concentration Process

Magellan allows clinicians to customize output volumes and concentration factors to meet their patients’ specific needs. A single kit will process 30-60mL of bone marrow and / or blood to produce a user-defined output volume, ranging between 3-10mL. Each kit may be processed three times per patient, offering clinicians a cost-effective solution for processing bone marrow and/or blood. Both PRP and MAR0 kits are available for use with the Magellan system.

The Advantages of Magellan

  • Fully-automated, closed system produces consistent and reproducible output requiring no manual extraction
  • Optimized to provide high concentrations of platelets, progenitor cells, and platelet-associated growth factors in low final output volume2
  • Adaptive technology adjusts processing times based on patient’s specific blood and marrow composition
  • A single disposable kit can process up to three cycles per patient, offering a cost-effective solution
  • Flexibility to process both bone marrow aspirate and whole blood at the point-of-care
  • Achieves concentration factors up to 14 times baseline