Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020
Priority 1 Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RDI ) to support economic competitiveness and business development
Investments in Companies R&D departments


– Improving research and innovation infrastructure and capacity to develop excellence in R & D and promoting centers of competence in particular those of European interest

– This type of project is open to enterprises with research and development as potential beneficiaries

Objectives of the program:

Smart Specialization

– Bio-economy

– Information and Communications Technology, Space and Security

– Energy, Environment and Climate Change

– Eco – nano – technologies and advanced materials

– Health, as a priority area of national / EU interest.

Specific objectives:

– Construction of new departments (laboratories / R&D centers etc.) compulsory with acquisition of equipment and research tools;

– Modernization, expansion, consolidation, change of destination of the existing R&D departments, compulsory with acquisition of equipment and research tools

– Acquisition of equipment and research tools.

The applicant must justify the investment is useful for developing new activities and / or research directions and their contribution to scientifically and economically value creation.

The applicant must present the novelty stage of equipment and instruments proposed to be purchased through the R&D project, comparing with national and international level.

Grant value is between 1,000,000 and 20,000,000 EUR

GOB for LIFE vision is to develop innovative treatments and products utilizing minimally invasive therapeutic approaches using body’s natural healing ability. To achieve its goal, GOB for LIFE translational research program has a mission to conduct basic research in fundamental stem cell biology and to translate and commercialize research outputs by developing regenerative medicine therapies and products for chronic diseases such as: neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lower limb ischemia, orthopedic (Osteoarthritis), Autoimmune Diseases, Spinal Cord Injury.

Supporting the realization of our vision are the strategic partnerships GOB for LIFE has forged with worldwide recognized research centers and scientists.

GOB for LIFE focus is to use the basic research brought from our strategic partners and translate it into clinical trial applications – to successful progress from research to human therapy with effective treatments and products.

GOB for LIFE will allow European patients access to novel therapies through state-of-the-art clinical trials and research. It will allow GOB for LIFE to build on its existing partnerships with European companies operating in the medical technology area, to further develop a global hub of medical device technology in Romania.

Initial steps to proceed in order to be submitted the BP to the EU operating funding program:

  • Establish the Board of Directors;
  • Scientific Board;
  • Land, planning and construction a building;
  • GMP Laboratory with clean room (in order to identify it we will use the know-how of our strategic partners facilities);
  • Clinical center where will be applied novel therapeutic treatments (Operating Room and beds for a follow-up of the clinical trial treatments);
  • Manufacturing facility;

Established Partnership with worldwide recognized research centers and scientists: